Making Up

Kris was watching tv when his phone suddenly ringing. It was Josha.

“Kris, are you with Reina?”

“She’s not here. Why?” He could hear Josha swearing on the other line.

“She is not here right now. She even left her phone. And it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Where the hell are you, Rei?”

“Calm down, Josh. She will be alright. Tell me what’s going on first.” He tried to calm Josha down.

“It’s a really long story, Kris. I’ll tell you later once I found her. If you find her, please tell me, Kris.”

Kris muttered an okay before he hung up the phone. He didn’t know what’s going on and he didn’t even know where Reina is right now. So, he grabbed his leather jacket and the car key. He headed to his car in seconds. He started wandering the town, hoping to find her. But it’s useless. He could not find her anywhere. He even called her friends yet none knew where she is. So, he chose to go home instead after wandering around for about an hour. He even wished he could find her on the way home. Fortunately when he was about reaching his house, he saw a familiar silhouette. And it was Reina. She was standing in front of his house. She was soaked, drenched by the rain. She even hugged herself. It must be cold standing in the rain for a long time. Did she stand there for an hour? And in no time, he got out of his car.

“What the hell are you doing here, Rei?” He stared her right in her eyes. There’s worried in his voice. And he put his hands on Reina’s shoulders.

She didn’t answer. He could see that she’s crying and her body’s trembling too. They both were soaked. But he didn’t seem to care.

“You’re soaked, Rei. Let’s get in. You’ll catch a cold.”

He circled his hand around her shoulder and then they both were inside his house. He gave her a towel and his younger sister’s clothes to change, asking her to take a bath first. While waiting her, he made two cups of hot chocolate, still in drenched clothes. After 10 minutes, she got out of the bath room with wet hair and puffy eyes.

“Come here.” He asked her to come closer and she did. Then, he tried drying up her hair with the towel hanging in her shoulder.

“You can do the rest, right? I need to take a bath too.” She just nodded. “I make hot chocolate for you. I’m sure you’ll like it.” Then he smiled before going to the bath room.

After a few minutes, he finished his shower. He came closer to Reina who was sitting in the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands. She was sipping the hot chocolate when Kris sat next to her. There was a silence for a while before he tried to break the ice. He really wanted to hug Reina right now to be honest. He didn’t even expect to see her in situation like this.

“If you want to cry, just cry then. No need to hold it.” He said softly. But she didn’t do it.

Fortunately, there was no awkward situation between them. Seemed like there’s nothing happen before. They were not in a good term for these past few days, right? We all knew that Reina wanted her time to be alone. And it meant a break up. While Kris stupidly let her to be alone and it meant he agreed to break up.

Kris sipped his own hot chocolate, enjoying the warm sensation of what he’s drinking when she started to speak.

“They are going to separated.”

He knew what ‘they’ mean once she said it. He knew about ‘them’ fighting a few days ago when he went to her house to see Josha. But he didn’t expected ‘they’ will come this far.

“They said they want to divorce.”

Her voice’s trembling and soon, her tears would come out soon. “And I don’t know what should I do.” And yes, her tears was coming out of her beatiful eyes.

His heart ached seeing her crying like this. He hated seeing those precious tears coming down. And the only thing he can do was pull her into his embrace. He let her cry in his broad chest. He didn’t care if his t-shirt got soaked again by her tears. After 30 minutes non-stop of crying, she pulled herself from Kris’ embrace. His face was totally red and her eyes got swollen.

“Do you feel better, Rei?”

She nodded. Still sobbed.

He took a deep breath before starting to speak, “I know it’s not easy for you nor your family, Rei. But I was in that situation once, in case you forgot. And I know how frustrated it is.” He paused for a while, waiting for a reaction from Reina but she didn’t give any single reaction.

“I know we don’t want to have a broken family, Rei. I know how frustrated it is to know that they want to divorce. I was in the 4th grade back then when my parents got divorce. I’ve told you this many times, right? I was against them at first, saying they don’t love me anymore because they want to divorce that it means I have to choose one of them to live with. And I end up choosing to live with my mom. But I realized something then as I lived with my mom. She is a lot happier. I often find her smiling over a little thing and I can’t find it when they’re still together. All I can see is they fight every single day, arguing something that I don’t even know what it is. It hurted me. A lot. And when my mom get re-married, I know she will get the more happiness. And I am happy she did.” He paused again, watching her, still in the same expression.

“I know you might be worried that they will forget you, or don’t love you anymore. But believe me, they won’t do it. They may get divorce. They are maybe no longer a husband and wife. But they will always be your parents, your mother and father. The will love you because you’re their daughter. And if they don’t, which I doubt it they will do,  you still have me. You have Josha. You have Kaira, Rakai, Chakra, and Dion. What’s the problem then?”


“No buts, Rei. I’m pretty sure they have been thinking it for a thousand times. I’m sure they have their own reason. But, there’s always a chance to change everything, even their decision. If you want to talk to them about it, to change their decision, they may listen to you and change it since you’re their child. But don’t force them to follow your happiness. You may get your happiness, but they won’t. Sometimes, separating doesn’t always seem bad. Do you want me to accompany you to talk to them?”

She nodded.

“Come here.” He spreaded his hands, asking her to come closer so he can pull her into his embrace.

She did what Kris asked to do. And she was in his embrace right now. She felt warm. She felt peaceful. Her sadness seemed to fade away in no time. And she realized how much she missed to be in his embrace.

They’re hugging each other like forever until someone rang the bell. She was startled and broke the hug.

“I called Josha, telling him that you’re here. It must be him. He’s really worried about you, Rei.” He said as he stood up from the sofa, going to open the front door.

She said nothing. Just sitting helplessly in the sofa. And then she heard footsteps approaching her. He saw his brother coming to her in hurry. He knelt down beside the sofa. He cupped her cheeks, asking if she’s fine. While Kris’ standing a few meters away from them. He didn’t want to bother them.

“Rei, are you okay?” Josha asked her once again since she didn’t answer.

“Let’s go home. Everything’s gonna be alright.” He caressed her hair softly.


Both Josha and Kris were startled as Reina raised her voice up, half shouting.

“THEY ARE GOING TO DIVORCE AND YOU SAID EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT? TELL ME WHICH PART IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT WHEN EVERYTHING I SEE IS NOT ALRIGHT AT ALL.” She paused for a couple seconds, catching her breath. She seemed to forget what Kris has been said to her a while ago.

Josha was freezing at his place. He didn’t know what should he say to calm her down.



“I am really sorry, Rei.” He didn’t dare to stare her face. Everything she has been said is absolutely true.

This was the other side of Reina. You would not want to see or face Reina when she got mad.

“Don’t say it if you didn’t mean it.” Well, she’s calmer now.

Kris couldn’t take it any longer. She’s not in a good mood now. Everything would not work. Even if it’s Josha’s words. He then walked closer to Reina and pulled Josha away. When they’re far enough from Reina, Kris patted Josha’s shoulder.

“Let her sleep here tonight. She needs to calm herself down first. Give her space and time to be alone. And going home is not the best solution right now, Josh. I’ll be the one taking care of her.” Kris suggested.

They both stole a glance at Reina who’s still sitting in the same position. And then he could see Josha forced a smile.

“Thanks, Kris. I’m counting on you.”

And then Josha headed to Reina and bid a good bye.




August, 6 2016

Kayak malem minggu biasanya, Kris selalu ngajak jalan Reina keluar. Entah sekedar jalan, makan, ataupun nongkrong doang. Kali ini mereka abis makan dan nonton. Niatnya sih Reina mau ngajakin pulang. Tapi ternyata Kris nggak langsung pulang.

“Kita mau kemana nih?” Reina celingukan ngeliat jalan dari jendela mobil. Seingetnya sih ini bukan jalan ke rumahnya. “Kita mau pulang, kan?”

“Agak ntar ya, Rei.”

“Tapi mau kemana?”

“Ada deh. Ntar juga tau.”

Ada kali hampir setengah jam mereka di dalem mobil. Reina pasrah mau dibawa kemana. Jalanannya makin sepi. Makin asing buat Reina. Penerangan juga makin minim. Rumah penduduk juga makin jarang.

“Kita mau kemana sih? Ini kanan kiri kok pohon semua. Kayak hutan.”

“Takut?” Goda Kris sambil nyengir.

“Enggak. Siapa yang takut.”

“Hahaha. Tunggu 15 menit lagi ya.”

Dan akhirnya nggak sampai 15 menit Kris nepiin mobilnya di sebuah lapangan yang nggak begitu besar yang dikelilingi ilalang setinggi lebih dari satu meter.

“Ayo turun,” Ajak Kris sambil sibuk buka sabuk pengaman.

“Dimana nih?”

“Udah turun aja dulu.”

Mereka berdua turun dari mobil, berdiri depan mobil.

“Kamu nggak akan mutilasi aku terus buang aku kesana kan?” Reina nunjuk ilalang di depannya.

“Kamu kebanyakan nonton berita kriminal deh, Rei.”

“Ya abisnya kamu ngajakin aku malem-malem kesini. Kan serem.”

“Liat ke atas deh. Pasti nggak serem lagi.”

Reina nurut, dongakin kepalanya ke atas. Hamparan konstelasi bintang di galaksi bima sakti langsung menyambutnya. Reina sampai tercengang.

“Cantik, kan?”

Reina ngangguk. Masih asik mandangin langit dari utara ke selatan, timur ke barat.

“Ayo naik,” Kris ngajak Reina naik ke kap mobilnya, yang kemudian disetujui Reina. Mereka tiduran di atas kap mobil sambil ngeliatin langit penuh bintang dan bulan sabit.

“Itu yang disana, konstelasi Scorpion.” Kris nunjuk gugusan bintang di selatan yang bentuknya kayak kalajengking.

“Dan itu Antares.” Giliran Reina yang nunjuk salah satu bintang yang membentuk konstelasi Scorpion, si bintang terang berwarna merah. “604 tahun cahaya dari bumi.”

“Kok kamu tau?”

Bukannya jawab malah Reina nyebutin bintang-bintang yang membentuk konstelasi Scorpion lainnya. “Antares, Graffias, Dschubba. Aslinya masih banyak. Tapi yang paling terang 3 itu, kan?”

“Kamu tahu dari mana, Rei?”

“Baca buku kamu. Kamu belum sadar ya ada buku kamu yang ilang?”

Kris bahkan baru tahu ada bukunya yang hilang.

“Yang itu, konstelasi Cygnus. Dan itu bintang Deneb.” Reina nunjuk salah satu bintang paling terang di ujung konstelasi yang berbentuk angsa itu. “Itu konstelasi Lyra, dan bintang Vega. Itu konstelasi Aquila, dan bintang Altair.” Lagi-lagi Reina nunjuk salah satu bintang paling terang dari setiap konstelasi.

“Kalau kita tarik garis dari tiap bintang tadi, pasti akan jadi segitiga. Kata orang namanya triangle summer. Orang Jepang nyebutnya gingga. Dan orang dulu bilang, itu dijadiin pertanda datangnya musim kemarau. Bener, kan?”

Kris cuma ngangguk-angguk doang sambil ngelus puncak kepala Reina. “You know it too well, Rei. And too much.”